Aaron Ramsdale’s dad blasts Mikel Arteta’s handling of Arsenal’s goalkeeper battle

14 November 2023 - 12:02 pm

The father of axed Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has spoken out against Mikel Arteta’s decision to replace the shot-stopper with Brentford loanee David Raya

Aaron Ramsdale’s dad has admitted he feels Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has gone about replacing his son with David Raya the wrong way.

England international Ramsdale was once tipped for greatness with the Gunners, but the last knockings of the summer transfer window saw Arsenal swoop to sign Raya on loan from Brentford.

It did not take long for the Spaniard to dislodge Ramsdale as first-choice shot-stopper, though not everyone agrees with that decision.

After a bright enough start, a string of mistakes and shaky performances from Raya has led some to question whether he is the right man for the job.

Ramsdale remains a popular figure among the Arsenal faithful, but for now is restricted to League Cup duties while his counterpart gets both Premier League and Champions League minutes.

Ramsdale’s father, Nick, has discussed his son losing his place in the team and told The Highbury Squad : “Aaron is going to be the cup goalkeeper, and David Raya is going to be the main man unless something happens, an injury or a sending-off.

“Aaron’s got to live with that and he is living with that even though he’s not been told it. By anybody. You’ve got to give the guy a chance for God’s sake. Even though the way it’s been done, in my eyes, it’s been wrong and we can talk about that but it’s the decision.”

Ramsdale’s father conceded that this whole situation has undeniably impacted his son, adding: “Aaron’s lost that smile to when he was holding onto that ball at this moment in time. And it is difficult. It really is difficult to see him there and we all keep saying you need to keep smiling.”

The former Arsenal No.1 has himself discussed the new dynamic with Raya now in the fold and made clear there is no ill-feeling between them. “We work professionally really well together,” Ramsdale claimed.

“We push each other in training and there are days where I come in and I’m down because of the situation and he picks me up. And for whatever reason, there might be a day where he’s down and even though I’m suffering and hurting for not playing, I have to stand up and be able to push him.”

Ramsdale managed to earn himself a place in the England side for this latest round of Three Lions fixtures, but boss Gareth Southgate did issue an ominous message in regards to the shot-stopper’s long-term international hopes.

“We’re just going to have to see how it is. I had that conversation with him in the last camp,” said Southgate. “He’s still battling to be the No 1 at Arsenal, and his profile and the way he can use the ball with his feet, we like and think is important.

“But there is a reality as a keeper, if we get to March and he’s six months without playing regularly, then I’m never going to promise things that I couldn’t guarantee delivering. So he knows that, he’s perfectly realistic about that.”