David Seaman shares one thing that surprised him about Arsenal this season

14 November 2023 - 6:49 pm

Former Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman has expressed his surprise at Arsenal’s performance this season. He mentioned on his podcast that Mikel Arteta’s team hasn’t quite hit the same levels they reached last season.

Even though they haven’t been at their absolute best, Seaman sees it as a good sign that they’re still managing to grab positive results.

“Arsenal are surprising me if I’m honest because we’re not playing as well as we did last season, but we’re getting the results.

Arsenal’s ability to gather points despite not reaching the peak form is encouraging. Seaman pointed out that towards the end of the last season, Arsenal seemed to lose momentum, and that ended up affecting Gunners’ title chances.

This season’s ability to grind out results, even when not playing their best, could signal a positive change in the approach, as Arsenal still can find their best form towards the end of the season.