‘I can’t believe he said that’: Arsenal fans fume at Ramsdale’s controversial comments

14 November 2023 - 6:44 pm

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has had a tough start to the 2023/24 season after seeing David Raya take up his no.1 role in the team.

He recently took part in an interview where he made this bizarre remark about not being able to maintain full concentration levels for 90 minutes.

A surprising clip of Aaron Ramsdale has emerged again, hinting at a possible reason why Mikel Arteta chose to bench him and favour David Raya.

Arteta’s choice was probably tough, but it might have been influenced by Ramsdale’s own remarks about his focus during matches. Recently, Ramsdale’s dad spoke about his mindset, and a video resurfaced where Ramsdale discussed his actions during games.

Many think this could have affected Arteta’s decision. Arsenal legend Ian Wright’s reaction in the video seemed to show surprise at Ramsdale not being completely focused on the game, adding to the speculation around the decision.

Premier League YouTube channel over the summer, Ramsdale said: “If you ask me to concentrate on a game of football for 90 minutes, I’m finished. I can’t do it.

“So that’s why I got involved with the fans and I’ll sing along with the songs. Someone’s giving me abuse, I’ll turn around and I’ll give them a bit back.”

“I’ve had my two/three minutes of sort of madness in my head, straight back to the football. I’ve got 10/15 minutes of pure concentration again. Next thing you know half time is around.”

The majority of Gooners do not seem to be impressed by these comments at all, as they reacted on Twitter.

Welbeast: “Just watched that Ramsadale interview and I can’t believe he said that on camera.”

EduardoHagn: “The Aaron Ramsdale situation will only end one way as it stands. It is not a coincidence that Arteta brought Raya this summer. Aaron doesn’t like sitting on the bench, evidently, and those quotes won’t help him. Let’s be honest, Raya has not been worse than him this season.”

AFC_Adi: “Man thought he’d look cool saying that, hosted his own career’s funeral with that one.”

Ric: “Feels a bit like he wants out, not really sure why else you would say that in this day and age.”

Saxon71: “Ramsdale came in and unseated leno Ramsdale said he’s up for competition it’s part of the game and that it should make him and Raya better as a duo Yes it must be frustrating. But it can’t be helpful with comments coming out again Just get on with it.”