‘Look at Busquets’: Declan Rice told he doesn’t need to score goals to be ‘world class’

6 September 2023 - 10:26 am

Speaking on the It’s All Kicking Off podcast, Daily Mail editor Ian Ladyman said: “My favourite holding midfield player I’ve ever seen play is Sergio Busquets at Barcelona. I think we all agree an absolutely world class player.

“He played 481 times for Barcelona in La Liga over 15 years, how many goals do you think he scored? Eleven, good effort. Busquets has 143 caps for Spain, how many goals he scored for them? Two.

“The point is made that there is a role for Declan Rice to play in that Arsenal team obviously, He played quite deep against Manchester. I’m not sure that scoring goals has to be part of that.”

Busquets won everything there’s to win for Barcelona and Spain before joining Lionel Messi at David Beckham’s Inter Miami in the MLS this summer.

Several British pundits have been pushing for Rice to start scoring more goals for Arsenal and England as if it was the only thing to judge a midfielder by.